Harbour Supervision

We are a local, secure and qualified entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience offering supervision of harbours, piers and boats in North Bohuslän to both small harbour associations and larger marinas. Read more about our services below.

Maintenance and supervision of habours

We have in various ways conducted harbour operations for guests, seasonal visitors and those who have their boats in a marina for 20 years. Due to our long experience, we have very good knowledge regarding fire protection routines, supervision, maintenance, service and development of harbours. We are a local company with reasonable prices and good competence for both smaller harbour associations and commercial marinas.

We also offer housing supervision, cleaning and gardening, and can for example also take care of green areas or service buildings that may be located in connection with the harbour area. If you have a harbour association or port facility that needs supervision, service and maintenance, you are welcome to contact us.

This is a selection of what we can offer:

Regular supervision of the harbour

We do regular rounds on electrical installations and poles, on water discharges and ocular inspection on the piers. In the event of a storm, we do extra rounds and in cold weather we supervise any icing. Our supervision increases the presence in the harbour area and also becomes a type of surveillance to deter any unauthorised people in the harbour area.

Fire protection rounds

During our rounds, we offer regular inspections of fire and life-saving equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, lifebuoys and rescue ladders, and we pay attention to any safety risks. We log the inspections and communicate any damage and suggestions for improvements from a fire and safety point of view.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you have bathrooms, showers and other service buildings that need to be cleaned regularly, we have good skills for that purpose. Over the years, we have had tasks that include facilities in guest harbours, as well as public toilets and cleaning tasks in private homes.

We can also be helpful with simpler maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, hoses, couplings and fuses on and in connection to the piers.

Maintenance of green areas

Through our guest harbor operation and our housing supervision, we have a stable organisation for regular maintenance of green areas, flower beds and garden work that needs to be carried out in connection with the harbor area. We offer, for example, lawn mowing, trimming, maintenance of flower beds and small shrubs and hedges.

Craftsman support

If you need a planned renovation, emergency repair or other maintenance, we have, after many years of experience, a very good network of contacts in the marine area. We make sure to find people with the right skills for the task you need help with.


We have good routines for mediation, queue management and placement of berth visitors in both the guest harbor and the marina. With our great knowledge of the market, we can advise on your pricing and thereby increase your revenue. We can help with invoicing of your boat spots and can arrange shorter rentals in places that are temporarily vacant.

Guest spots

With over 20 years of experience, we have very good possibilities to help you with guest harbor rentals in general, in part of your harbour area or arranging vacancies in the marina during a time when they are not used by the berth owners. Through a long-term collaboration with, we can offer a modern solution for online booking and efficient mediation.


We have many collaboration partners in the maritime area and a clientele of boat owners in both Sweden and Norway. We can help with marketing through both social media and newsletters and a selection of print media. With our help you can reach your target customers and  through our wide network of contacts we can help you increase the revenue on your facility.

For the individual boat owner

For individual berth owners, we offer specific supervision of mooring, electrical connection and draining of the boat as well as extra controls in severe weather and icing. For the associations and companies that collaborate with us, we offer this at a discounted price which means it will be beneficial for your own boat guests.

Price and quote:

You can choose a selection of our services or get a favourable price on the entire package. We can submit a quote on both the current price (SEK 390 / h excl. VAT) or you can ask us to come up with a proposal for a fixed price.

For companies or associations that hire us, we offer all berth owners our package of individual and extended supervision for only SEK 1,850 (incl. VAT) per season (see more info above).


Contact Ylva and Per at Gästhamnsbolaget Väst AB either at or +46(0)707 40 36 79 for more information and a quote for your company or association.