Enjoy your stay in our harbour for a longer time!

Rent a "season spot" in our harbours in Grebbestad, Fjällbacka & Hamburgsund. From Easter until the 27th June as well as from 9th August - 1st October: Only 5.990 SEK for the entire period! Only a few spots left!

We now have a great campaign price for a season spot in the spring, pre-summer, and late summer! Moor the boat in Fjällbacka, Grebbestad or Hamburgsund and enjoy the restaurants, cafés, bars and shops, and the lovely atmosphere that you can only find in North Bohuslän. We only have a few spots left!

By booking a season spot in our harbours you get:

Do you want to stay for longer this summer? Stay until the 4th July and return already on August 2nd. You will then pay an additional 14 days of the standard harbour fee based on the length of your boat. (You can also choose to stay for just one of the weeks).