Enjoy your stay in our harbour for a longer time!

You can keep your boat in our guest harbours for a longer time during winter, pre-summer and late summer by booking our popular season spots.

Moor the boat in Fjällbacka, Grebbestad or Hamburgsund and enjoy the restaurants, cafés, bars and shops, and the lovely atmosphere that you can only find in North Bohuslän. We only have a few spots left!

By booking a season spot in our harbours you get:


Contact us on +46(0)707 40 36 79 or or via messenger.

Book your winter spot from 1 Oct - 31 March 2023/2024 for 3990 kr

Book your "season spot" from 6th April- 23rd June and 11th August - 30th September 2024 for only 6990 kr.

We offer these alternatives and add-ons: